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I took a week of vacation that involved visiting my kids in New Hampshire and New York with a stop by my in-laws and my parents. All in all, we drove from Pittsburgh to upstate New York to Rhode Island to New Hampshire to Boston to New York City and back to Pittsburgh. I was traveling with my wife and our most important travel partner was Waze on my phone.

Waze, an Israeli born app bought by Google for $1 Billion, helps one not only get from place to place, but navigates around heavy traffic. Frankly, I’ve been doing these drives for two decades so I know where to go, but I use Waze to help me dodge crazy traffic that is so prevalent in the northeast corridor. On our incredibly long drive, there were times when Waze took us off the highways to bypass frustrating traffic backups in Connecticut. As we were driving along a curvy, single lane road (the kind I like to drive at high speeds except when my wife is in the car), we passed a sign that we were entering Newtown, CT and Sandy Hook. My heart sank . I couldn’t believe that I was in the place where innocent young lives were taken.

All of us were impacted on October 27th and for each of us, there are different events that can trigger emotions. That sign for Newtown was definitely one for me.

Our Beneficiary Agency, Jewish Family and Community Services is providing counseling to those in need. As an example, on July 22nd, JFCS will be hosting a program for college students and older teens who want to attend an informal gathering to meet each other and share their experiences. I hope you will share the information below with anyone who might be interested including college students who may be home for the summer.

One last note: please check in on your neighbors during this extreme heat we will be having for the next few days. Let’s make sure everyone stays safe and healthy. That is what being part of a strong community is all about.

Shabbat Shalom.

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Jeff Finkelstein

President & CEO

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