High Holiday Hookup

Do you know what you’re doing for the High Holidays? As the High Holidays approach, use these links to find services that fit your plans. Please note that this list represents very basic information. We encourage everyone to do further research before picking a congregation.

If a congregation would like to be listed differently, please contact us at info@jewishpgh.org and it will be updated. Thank you.

JAAHuman service needs – specifically:
  • Staff time for distributing grab and go meals to older adults.
  • Collaboration with the Squirrel Hill Health Center to provide COVID-19 testing.
  • Health screenings for the Early Childhood Center.
JCCMeals for residents and PPE.$212,000
CDSExtra staffing.$100,000
Hillel AcademyExtra staffing (including nurse).$100,000
Yeshiva SchoolsExtra staffing (including nurse).$100,000
JAFIUnrestricted for food insecurity and emergency funding programs in Israel and other communities. Specifically:
  • Global loan fund for struggling Jewish communities around the world.
  • Stipends for immigrants, many of Ethiopian origin, in absorption centers who cannot easily find employment.
  • Staffing for Amigour facilities to protect physical and mental health of senior residents.
  • Living stipends for recently discharged lone soldiers who cannot find work due to pandemic and don’t have families to rely on.
JDCUnrestricted for food insecurity and emergency funding in Israel and other communities around the world. Specifically:
  • Providing food, medicine and shelter to elderly and families at risk in Europe.
  • Helping the neediest of families in Israel including hygiene kits, medicine, food, computers, games for kids.
  • Providing essential care including medicine, home repairs, housekeeping to low-income seniors in Israel.
  • Providing food, medicine, and money to the neediest elderly Jewish and families at risk in Argentina.


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