Jewish Federation Honors the Best Educators

Sunday morning, the Federation will honor Unsung Jewish Heroes. These Unsung Heroes are some of the best Jewish educators from throughout our region who inspire and instill a strong Jewish identity in our community’s youth. This program, which was instituted by the Agency for Jewish Learning, now sits within the Federation’s Jewish Education and Engagement unit.  I invite you to click through to see the listing of those being recognized.

Many others who work in other important areas of service within our agencies and synagogues, just like these Jewish educators, “give it their all” day and night to care for, to educate, to assure and to heal our fellow community members. While this program on Sunday applauds our amazing educators, in my mind, ALL those who work on behalf of the community are unsung Jewish heroes.

Congratulations to those being recognized this Sunday and I extend deep heartfelt appreciation to all our Jewish communal professionals for all that they do.

Shabbat Shalom.

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