Mitachat Lashamayim | Under the Sky

Mitachat Lashamayim

Banu lechan
mitachat lashamayim
shnayim- kemo zug einayim
Yesh lanu zman
mitachat hashamayim
beinataim- anu od kan.
At va’ani
vehamitah harechava
latet ahava.
Lailah va’yom
vehachiyuch mitnatzel
she’hu mitatzel.
Banu lechan…
Shneinu echad
echad shalem ve’agol
shalem vegadol.
Boi niten
ani eten lach latet
latet li latet lach.
Banu lechan…
Velamrot hapa’ar
velamrot hake’ev
velamrot hatza’ar
ani ohev

Under the Sky

We came here
from under the sky
two – like a pair of eyes
We have time
under the sky
In the meantime – we’re still here.

You and me (x3)
the bed is wide,
there’s lots of room for love.

Night and day (x3)
and the smile apologizes
for his laziness.

We came here…

We are one (x3)
one complete unit together
perfect and great.

Come let’s give (x3)
I will let you give.
Let me give to you/let you.

We came here…

Despite the gap
despite the pain
despite the regret
I love
and love and love….

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