Onward Israel: Alli Bernstein

Alli BernsteinHello, My name is Alli Bernstein and I am from Pittsburgh. This August I graduate from Kent State university with a BSc in Tourism Management with a minor in Business. I’m passionate about travel, and love seeing and experiencing new things wherever I go! My junior year, I studied abroad with Semester at Sea in spring of 2016, and it was an adventure of a lifetime. I went to 12 countries and 26 cities but never got the chance to live anywhere for more than a week. This is my third time in Israel and I couldn’t wait to be back. I decided to do Onward because it would give me the opportunity to not only be back the Holy Land again but to experience and immerse myself in the culture.

This summer I am working for Israel Experience doing marketing for their Long Term English Speaking department. Working with the people who help run the program I am on, has given me an insider prospective on the company. My boss and everyone in the office is making this internship one of the best parts about my time here. I have learned so much already and am loving my internship. I am lucky enough to be staying in Israel until September and will continue working with Israel Experience until my family comes to visit. This will be their first time in Israel and I can’t wait to show them all around and hope they fall in love with it as much as I have.

Living and working in Israel this summer has opened my eyes to new and unique possibilities. It has helped me grow personally and professionally, even though my journey is only half way over. I am excited to see what the next few weeks in Tel Aviv has in store for me!

Feel free to contact me at Abernst3@kent.edu for any questions or more information about the Israel Experience, Onward Pittsburgh program.

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