Onward Israel: Elli Warsh

Shalom!!! I’m Elli Warsh from Westfield, New Jersey. I am a junior at the University of Pittsburgh majoring in Health Services with a focus in Community Health Assessment. This summer I am interning at StarTau, a startup accelerator at Tel Aviv University.

After visiting Israel with my family following my Bat Mitzvah, I felt an immediate connection to this land. The opportunity to go on Birthright was unbelievable, and then Onward Israel thus far has even furthered my love for Israel. It is such a unique concept to become a part of a culture and even a workforce for this extended period of time. Writing this as I am about to finish my second week here, I can honestly say that I have become accustomed to much more of the city of Tel Aviv than I ever thought possible. This week we went on a graffiti tour of Tel Aviv, which showed me a unique cultural aspect of the city that I had not known about before. We also went on a scavenger hunt for different and more uncommon foods at Carmel Market. I have been exposed to so many new people, ideas, foods, and even lifestyles that I hope I can come back to America with a whole new perspective on things. I am so excited for the next six weeks here!

Please feel free to contact me at emw89@pitt.edu, for any questions or more information about the Israel Experience, Onward Pittsburgh program.

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