Shabbat for Ukrainian Jews

Light an extra candle to remember those spending Shabbat by candlelight in Ukraine.

Today marks one full year since the Russian war against Ukraine began. When I traveled to the Polish/Ukraine border in March with our Board Chair Dave Sufrin, we saw the displacement of individuals and families. That visual still haunts us today. A year later, all of us continue to witness the daily onslaught of missiles destroying the lives of innocent civilians.

In the last year, with your help, our continental Federation system has raised $85 million – that’s nearly a quarter of a million dollars per day. These dollars ensured:

  • 500,000 people received humanitarian assistance, relief, or support
  • 700,000 meals distributed
  • 65,000 people supported in making aliyah
  • 130,000 received medical care
  • 4,000 medical and mental health professionals trained
  • 180,000 Ukrainian newcomers supported by our advocacy

This Shabbat (tonight) has been declared a Shabbat for Ukraine and we are being asked to light an extra Shabbat candle to remember those who are spending Shabbat by candlelight throughout Ukraine.

We have brought some sense of light over the last twelve months to those most impacted. I know our Federation system will continue to do so. Thank you.

Shabbat Shalom.

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