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At the Gaza Border

The Jewish Agency for Israel supports residents enduring months of rockets, mortars and firebombs. By Alan Hoffmann, CEO & Director General, The Jewish Agency for Israel For several months, residents of Israel’s south have suffered relentless rocket attacks, mortar fire and arson kites making what we would think of as normal life impossible. Times like…

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Reclaiming the Word ‘Zionism’

When I made aliyah in 2006 immediately after the conclusion of the Second Lebanon War, I was surprised to discover that not only did my American family and friends question my decision to move to Israel, but so did many Israelis. “Because I’m a Zionist,” I would answer them when they asked me what brought…

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Karen Morris Writes About Her Journey Home

Karen Morris, director of education at Tree of Life/Or L’Simcha Congregation, went on the Partnership2Gether Jewish Federation Volunteer Mission to Karmiel/Misgav this past April and shared her experience. “The mission was an incredible opportunity to travel with a diverse group of Pittsburghers (ages 50 – 87 from all parts of our city), and contribute to…

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Krembo Wings Models Inclusion

Teens Pose for Selfie with Krembo Member

Krembo Wings is the only inclusive youth movement in Israel for children and youth with and without disabilities, providing weekly social activities for young people. Krembo Wing’s Karmiel branch is generously supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and its Israel and Overseas Funding Committee. Read about it on Israel21c…

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