Rabbi Danny Schiff

Conversations that Count Series Presents "Privacy in a Digital Age"

By Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh / Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Rabbi joins cybercommunication expert to provide insights in June 29 discussion                                        WHO and WHAT The Men’s Philanthropy Division of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh presents “Privacy in a Digital Age” as the next event in itsConversations That […]

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Share and Celebrate Our Heritage and Identity

By Jeff Finkelstein / Friday, March 10, 2017

Our Talmud proclaims that “When the month of Adar begins, we increase our joy”. Well, we are now into the month of Adar and one of our great, joyful Jewish holidays, Purim, begins on Saturday night. I encourage everyone to find a place to hear the Purim story by listening to the reading of the […]

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Inspiring Jewish Journeys

By Jeff Finkelstein / Friday, February 24, 2017

We just completed a phenomenal week of Snowbirds Events in Florida. With over 200 in combined attendance at three events (Boca Raton, Naples, and Sarasota/Longboat Key). It was great to reconnect with our donors who winter down south. Rabbi Danny Schiff, our Jewish Foundation Scholar, spoke masterfully at all three about the perceived threats facing […]

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Talented Volunteers Begin Work on Community Study

By Jeff Finkelstein / Friday, February 10, 2017

One of the meetings I attended this week was for the preparation of our upcoming Community Study. A remarkable group of volunteers from academia, technology, business and longtime community leaders invested serious time deliberating and deciding on not only which questions to ask but how to ask them. In fact, there was so much detail […]

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Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

Shabbat Shalom

By Jeff Finkelstein / Monday, November 2, 2015

“Talk the talk and walk the walk”.  This expression is used to say that if you are going to say something you actually have to believe and do it.  Our Federation leadership has been talking about our commitment to Jewish identity building and Jewish education for many years.  And, I think we have done some […]

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