Tu B’Shvat and Exploring the Connection Between Hebrew, Judaism, and Israel with the Shinshinim

Wow, what a month! First of all, we celebrated Tu B׳shvat, the birthday of the trees. We did activities about the importance of trees in our lives, what can we learn from the tree and why do we need them so much. Moreover, we talked about “kakal” and JNF that have planted and still are planting trees in Israel.

Did you know that Israel is the only country on earth where there are more trees at the end of the year than at the beginning of it?

Another topic that we talked about was Israeli Sports – we discussed with the students about important issues like what does sport has to do with our lives? How can it unite us? if sports championships should have any connection or refer to political/diplomatic relations between countries and so on.

We mentioned “Yom Ha’evrit” – יום העברית – we discussed with the students about what is the importance of language in our life, why do we need Hebrew and of course we taught the kids some Israeli slangs!

But the most important we got to explore the deep connection between Hebrew, Judaism, and Israel.

Did you know that Hebrew is the only revived language that is being spoken these days?

We managed to do all of that during the hard cold waves (thanks Antarctica) and that is definitely the coldest temperature we have ever experienced which was fun!

Stay warm!
Raz & Hadar

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