Weathering the Storm until a Budget is Passed

There has been much in the press about the lack of a Pennsylvania state budget and the impact that has on the nonprofits that serve some of the neediest in our midst.  This budget impasse impacts many of our Federation agencies that work in the social service area.  Our Federation made an offer to all our Beneficiary Agencies (mimicking what our partners at United Way have done) to advance their cash on their campaign allocations.  I must say that our agencies are on top of their cash flow needs and are continuing to deliver uninterrupted and excellent services to their clientele.

Another area that has been impacted by this budget holdup is in the field of education.  We keep reading about public school systems needing to take loans or draw on lines of credit in order to keep providing education.  While they are able to do so, there is a financial cost to them with interest payments, payments that were not included in their own budgets.  In our own Jewish community, the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program that supports scholarships at our Jewish Day Schools and Jewish pre-schools has been held up.  Hundreds of needy students rely on this support annually.  Again, our schools have been able, up until now, to weather this storm.

Here at the Federation we will continue to monitor this situation, assist our agencies and keep you informed.

Shabbat Shalom.

Stay Informed


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