What Does It Mean To Be a Leader

Leadership is all about….leading.

I’m really proud of a meeting that took place this week in our offices on McKee Place.  Many Federations across the country use the same database and website platform.  The product we are using is relatively new to all of us.  It has incredible capabilities.  Our marketing and Information Technology (IT) staff understood that within these programs, there are processes we could use to minimize manual work and functionality that we have not yet utilized.  As it would be expensive to bring the experts to our community for only our use, our staff reached out to other Federations to see about sharing the costs and conducting training collectively.

One of our meeting rooms was populated for several days this week with staff members of the Houston, Baltimore, Denver, St. Louis, Washington DC, Palm Beach and Los Angeles Federations.  Our Federation took the lead in helping to make this a reality.  And I was told just this morning that our Federation has already begun using what was learned to make us much more effective.

On the topic of leaders, we can’t forget about our ultimate community leaders – Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms!

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