Youth Hockey Team Has Most Successful Season Yet After Raising $1,888 for the Victims of Terror Fund.

After the October 27th shooting a youth hockey team from the New Jersey Youth Hockey League reached out to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh asking how they could help. However, these boys are not your average youth hockey team. They are the North Jersey Avalanche, a Sabbath observant boys team aged 9 and 10. After some brainstorming, we came upon a fundraising strategy to support the Victims of Terror Fund. We worked with the league and we were able to have $18 donated for every goal scored this season.

As of last night, their season officially ended and they ended up raising $1,440 through 80 goals at $18/goal. With the added support of donations from their friends and a family, the team raised a total of $1,888 to the Victims of Terror Fund. The boys are very proud of their accomplishment and the coaches told me it was the most meaningful season of hockey they have coached.

Go Avalanche!

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