Community Campaign

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Filling the Most Pressing Needs

At a Moment's Notice

Good Deeds Day

Feeds the Hungry

looking for work

Helps the Unemployed

Jewish Residential Services

Supports Special Needs

Excited Boy on Computer

Funds Jewish Education

Man Walking Through Flooded Street in Houston

Responds to Emergencies

Because of You, We Can Grow Here
Here in Pittsburgh

How Community Campaign Dollars are Used

Local Agency Support


Helps keep our local institutions healthy by covering community planning and intercommunity relations costs

Aging & Human Needs


Serving local older adults, vulnerable families and people with disabilities

Israel Travel & Programming


Connecting Pittsburgh to Israel through travel and local programming

Jewish Learning Support


Local funding for synagogues, adult education, day schools and early childhhood education

Local Community Life


Strengthening Jewish identity through involvement, leaership and programming

Strategic Overseas Funding


Focusing on pluralism and peoplehood, and the revival of Jewish life by helping vulnerable families worldwide
Community Campaign


Linda Joshowitz

Linda Joshowitz

Ellen Teri Kaplan Goldstein

Ellen Teri Kaplan Goldstein

Jan Levinson

Jan Levinson


Rebecca Hurowitz

Associate Campaign
& Missions Manager

Roi Mezare

Senior Manager
Financial Resource Development

Joe Enten

Senior Development Officer

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