Federation Response to Antisemitism

I am really proud of the direct Federation response, and our extended involvement through programs we fund, to the Nazi flag that has been flying at a private home in Etna. I invite you to watch the video below of a community gathering entitled Countering Antisemitism in Etna. Our Jewish Community Security Director Shawn Brokos speaks at the 42 minute mark and she is followed by Laura Cherner from the Federation’s Community Relations Council, Maggie Feinstein from the 10-27 Healing Partnership, and Nick Haberman from the Holocaust Center. While our Jewish organizations played an integral role, keep in mind that the program was organized and driven by the Etna community and not the Jewish community. Antisemitism is not a problem promoted by Jews, we are merely the target.  It must be fought by others.

This past week, Israel reopened its borders to outsiders including Americans. That action is getting me even more excited about our Mega Mission to Israel this June. Now is the time to register. Over 200 are already signed up. Join us!

Shabbat Shalom and Go Steelers!

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