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First Fund Distributions to Israel

JFNA releases $10 million and Pittsburgh sends doctors through the Emergency Volunteer Project

Pittsburgh Donations
to Israel Relief
Total JFNA Donations
to Israel Relief
Already Reached Front-Line
Service Providers

Thanks to your support, help for the people of Israel is already on the ground, including:

  • Meeting basic needs Evacuation, transport, housing and other activities for people who have lost homes and communities or fled attacks
  • The Fund for Victims of Terror to help people who have lost loved ones with immediate needs
  • Respite for Israelis who need a break from constant trauma, explosions and sirens
  • Support for front-line communities and special populations;
  • Trauma relief and psychosocial support Emergency medicine and healthcare
  • Mobilizing volunteers
  • Mid-to-long term needs

Pittsburgh's Jewish Federation also funded six doctors trained through the Emergency Volunteer Project to fly to Israel for approximately 2-week stints helping in Israeli hospitals. This effort came out of 2019 training spurred by the Oct. 27, 2018 attack on three Pittsburgh Jewish congregations.

All of this live-saving work is thanks to more than $5 million donated to our Pittsburgh Federation, part of the astounding more than $550 million dollars our incredible Jewish Federation system has raised in just over two weeks! Funds will be used for urgent needs and for the longer-term rebuilding and rehabilitation of the families and communities harmed in our beloved State of Israel. Thus far, $100 million has reached our overseas agencies. Read more below about their critical support for Israelis.

The Jewish Agency for Israel

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s Fund for Victims of Terror is providing immediate, critical financial aid to victims and their families. In addition, the Jewish Agency seeks to provide respite for people living in the conflict zone and activities for their children (including 3856 olim living in absorption centers, as well as enhanced security. Additional staffing will support 5000 elderly residents of Amigour in the south, ensuring they have food and other items within their sheltered apartments.

World ORT

World ORT, Federation’s historic partner, provides STEAM education to thousands of students in close partnership with schools/municipalities throughout Israel’s periphery. Jewish Federations will support mental health initiatives for students and teachers and will enable students who are displaced maintain access to learning opportunities and essential technology.


The American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, JDC, is one of Federation’s historic partners, with deep roots and an unshakable connection to the State of Israel. JDC is caring for those who have no-one else to turn to – vulnerable seniors, people with disabilities, children and young adults at risk, families in financial distress, and the unemployed. Jewish Federation emergency support will enable JDC to respond to the unique needs of these special populations.

The Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC)

The Israel Trauma Coalition (ITC), a key Federation emergency partner, is the cornerstone in the national treatment of trauma and emergency preparedness in Israel. ITC operated 12 resilience centers, mostly in the Gaza border area, which offer a unique model that provides a seamless response along the continuum between emergency preparedness, emergency, and recovery. ITC also works through its member organizations to provide additional mental health and psychosocial services, such as the emotional support hotlines that have been opened by Eran and Natal. Jewish Federations will support the provision of care for evacuees, first-responders, and medical professionals, along with a national hotline.

Barzilai Medical Center

Barzilai Medical Center, a 703-bed hospital, serves the city of Ashkelon, its environs and the Gaza border region. Located approximately 10km from Gaza, Barzilai has suffered multiple rocket attacks, including this week. As the closest hospital to Gaza border area, the hospital was flooded with wounded after the horrendous terror attack. Jewish Federations will support the purchase of critical medical equipment and supplies.

Ethiopian National Project

The Ethiopian National Project (ENP) was established to ensure the full and successful integration of the Ethiopian Jewish community into Israeli society. During times of emergency ENP has a proven record of being the most effective provider of services to the Ethiopian Israeli community. With the support of Jewish Federations, ENP will deploy Amharic-speaking professionals to coordinate and offer services to families in their network in three southern cities: Ashdod, Ashkelon, and Beer Sheva.

Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP)

The Emergency Volunteer Project (EVP) recruits and trains American firefighters, medical professionals, and other personnel to be deployed in Israel during emergencies. Jewish Federation’s support is enabling EVP to answer the call of the Israel Fire and Rescue Service to deploy 140 firefighters, who will work in a volunteer capacity, to supplement the Israeli capabilities, as EVP has done in the past. Frontline Municipalities or Regional Councils The two municipalities and six regional councils (made up of multiple kibbutzim and moshavim) in immediate proximity to the Gaza border experienced extensive loss of life and destruction of property during the terrorist infiltration. Frontline communities are deeply challenged as they attend to the immense needs of their population, while rebuilding infrastructure, and restoring the sense of security, community, and routine.

The Israel Association for Child Protection (ELI)

The Israel Association for Child Protection (ELI) deals specifically and exclusively with all the various aspects of child abuse. ELI has approximately 20 highly trained and experienced therapists who, with the support of Jewish Federations, will provide therapeutic and crisis intervention for families who have been relocated , including families with members who have been abducted.

The Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC)

The Israel Association of Community Centers (IACC) is committed to building strong and sustainable local communities that contribute to a robust and progressive society. IACC operates a national network of over 1,000 community centers across Israel. With the support of Jewish Federation, IACC, through its community centers in the Gaza border area will facilitate evacuations and transportat critical equipment needed by residents under fire.

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ)

The Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is a communal, spiritual, and social Jewish movement. IMPJ will be working with children at risk from the Gaza border area and other frontline areas who have been affected by the emergency; rabbis in areas under fire and throughout the country are providing group and individual counselling; and rabbis and lay leaders will work with those with mental disabilities and other special populations; and it will ensure its own staff are provided the tools to ensure their own resilience while working with traumatized populations.

The Israeli Volunteering Council

The Israeli Volunteering Council promotes volunteering in cooperation with government ministries, local authorities, NGOs, and the business sector in Israel and around the world. In emergencies it manages the work of over 40 national NGOs with over 200,000 volunteers together with the IDF Homefront Command. Jewish Federations will help the Council to provide member organizations with the tools to effectively manage volunteers during this challenging period.


Latet "To Give" is a leading Israeli non-profit combatting poverty and food insecurity and working to mobilize Israeli civil society toward mutual responsibility. Latet started providing a humanitarian response fo individuals and families affected by the war by providing food and hygiene kits to those most in need. With the support of Jewish Federations, Latet is prioritizing populations such as evacuees from the Gaza border region, senior citizens, Holocaust survivors, regular and reserve soldiers, and families in areas which are sustaining significant rocket attacks.

Leket Israel

Leket Israel is the leading food rescue organization in Israel. Leket collects healthy, surplus food and distributes to populations in need through partner organizations. With the support of Jewish Federations, Leket will provide hundreds of thousands of meals to evacuees, senior citizens, and families from the hardest-hit areas of Israel. Leket will also distribute reloadable food purchase cards for families in need, such as those who lost their source of income or single parents who are unable to work.

Magen David Adom (MDA)

Magen David Adom (MDA) is Israel's National Emergency Pre-Hospital Medical and Blood Services Organization. MDA is Israel’s largest volunteer organization and provides emergency medical services across Israel. During emergencies, MDA’s volunteers and professional staff work around the clock to save lives. Jewish Federations will assist MDA to urgently upgrade Basic Life Support ambulances to become Mobile Intensive Care Units and replenish critical medical supplies.

Nefesh B’Nefesh

Nefesh B’Nefesh supports those making Aliyah from North America, from the initial process to starting new lives in Israel. With the support of Jewish Federations, Nefesh B’Nefesh will provide free counseling services to support families living in the South, parents of Lone Soldiers, bereaved Olim families, injured Lone Soldiers, and the general English-speaking population. In addition, a dedicated team of social workers will assist Lone Soldiers, visit hospitals, counsel bereaved parents, and address incoming calls from concerned parents overseas.

Soroka Medical Center

Soroka Medical Center in Beer Sheva is the only major medical center in southern Israel, providing care to more than one million people. More than 700 critically wounded patients have been treated at Soroka since the outbreak of the war and the hospital continues to serve wounded first responders, soldiers, and civilians, in addition to its regular patients. With Jewish Federation support Soroka will purchase medical supplies essential to saving lives, from hospital beds and stretchers to advanced technological devices for diagnostics and surgery.


Tzohar is a socially conscious Modern Orthodox organization working to secure an ethical, inclusive, and united Jewish society in Israel. It provides an array of Jewish lifecycle and religious services, cultivates rabbinic leadership, and influences public policy. In response to the war, and with the support of Jewish Federations, Tzohar's professional, compassionate rabbinic volunteers are providing comfort and guidance to bereaved families, funeral ceremonies and Shiva services, emotional support, and a hotline for halachic questions during wartime and mourning.

United Hatzalah

United Hatzalah is a community-based volunteer emergency medical service (EMS) operating across Israel. It has mobilized all 7,000 of its volunteers and dispatched over 120 rescue vehicles to Israel's southern region. With the help of Jewish Federations, United Hatzalah will be able to purchase critical emergency medical supplies to respond to ongoing attacks.


ZAKA (the Hebrew acronym for Disaster Victim Identification) is Israel’s dominant non-governmental rescue and recovery organization, with over 3,000 volunteers. ZAKA has sole responsibility in Israel for dealing with incidents of unnatural death and works in close cooperation with all the emergency services and security forces. After the terrible terror attack, Zaka volunteers have been tending to the honor of the more than 1,200 deceased. Jewish Federations will help supply critical equipment and supplies to aid ZAKA to enable it to continue its difficult mission.

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