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Onward Israel: Wadi Hawar

Wadi HawarFor the last four weeks, I've been working for an organization called Wadi Hawar, a refugee advocacy organization targeted at integrating Sudanese refugees fleeing the Darfur Genocide into Israeli life, either for future residency or for them to support themselves until they are approved to move to another country. Wadi Hawar also connects refugees with legal council and other specialists they need to confront challenges and injustices they face in Israel.

Most of my time has been spent working with my boss Adam, a writer and social activist who is also a Darfuri refugee. We are working on Adam's third book together, a novel that tells the story of a fictional Darfuri village through the eyes of a young boy names Sabur and his grandmother Argon. Our hope is that the narrative with give English-speaking readers a way to gain an understanding about a culture they have little or no exposure to. Recently, I've also been spending time teaching English classes, alone or with Adam.

Overall, my internship feels like an exciting blend of Social Work and English Writing experience, and I'm really happy to have found an internship that provides me with so much room for creativity and interpersonal communication across cultural lines.

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