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Yuriy Bobnov – Feeding the Community

Jewish Association on Aging’s Mollie’s Meals volunteer Yuriy Bobnov is a senior who immigrated to the US in the 1990's and delivers about a dozen meals weekly to our "former Russian" population. Bobnov enjoys the small talk and smiling faces when he makes his deliveries.

“He is one of our volunteers who delivers Mollie's Meals to homebound seniors. To do this, volunteers have to drive to our loading dock to retrieve the route, separate the bags so they go to the right recipients and then drive to the appropriate locations. His service is invaluable because he can communicate with the people in their native language, Russian. If there are problems, he can report back,” explains Coordinator of Mollie’s Meals Fraida Estrin.

Yuriy, was an engineer before coming to America. He has one daughter and one granddaughter, and both are doctors. Like most grandparents, he is especially proud of his granddaughter who is an ophthalmologist, specializing in retinal surgery. He'll be taking a small break from his deliveries in a couple of months when his granddaughter gets married to "a great guy."

We wish him continued nachas!!

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