Jewish Delegate Assembly of Greater Pittsburgh Policy Statement on Price Tag Attacks in Israel

The Jewish Delegate Assembly of Greater Pittsburgh

  • Condemns unequivocally the hateful “price tag”* graffiti and vandalism against Catholic and Orthodox Christian, Muslim and Jewish institutions and individuals in Israel as reported in the Israeli press. These vile acts do not represent the feelings of respect our communities have for each other.
  • Urges Israeli authorities to do all they can to prevent such attacks and to pursue all legal remedies against those who deface Catholic, Orthodox Christian or Christian churches, Islamic mosques, Jewish synagogues, buildings or holy places.

*”Price tag” policy is the name originally given to acts of random vandalism and incitement aimed at certain Muslim, Christian and Jewish religious institutions, places of worship and Israeli security forces by perpetrators who try to “exact a price” due to disagreements with or in response to Israeli government policy.

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