Jewish Professionals Shine Light Year-Round

Every December, typically during the holiday of Chanukah, the Federation holds a staff recognition luncheon. Staff were able to come to the Federation offices yesterday to pick up a deliciously prepared boxed meal including latkes and sufganiyot. In the afternoon, over Zoom, we congratulated staff for milestone anniversaries. We had a ton of our staff members celebrating 5 and 10 year accomplishments. Tracy Grandelis, my right hand, marked 30 years with the organization! Mazel Tov to everyone and thank you for your years of dedicated service. I especially have deep gratitude and awe for our staff for their herculean efforts these last few years, some of the most intense in our recent history. 

Last night, the Hebrew College of Boston honored my father on his retirement after 38 years of teaching in the Prozdor, its Hebrew High School program. A former student of his who now teaches history at the Gann Academy along with a former director of the Prozdor and of Camp Yavneh (where my father served as the Director of Education) spoke about my father’s contributions to the field of Jewish education. It was a really nice event and many of my old Camp Yavneh and Prozdor friends participated in the Zoom.

The professionals who work for the Jewish community are crucial in taking care of critical human needs, connecting others to Jewish life and building a cohesive Jewish community. Chanukah is the perfect time of year to show our appreciation for all they do. It is a time when we celebrate light, something our staff members at all our Jewish organizations shine brightly on our community 365 days a year. I encourage you to take some time if you are going into or speaking with someone in any of our Jewish institutions to thank the staff for all they do. 

Shabbat Shalom. Happy Chanukah. Beat the Ravens!

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