Panoply of Passions

I’ve been writing pretty much weekly for the last 12 years. I enjoy taking a little bit of time as Shabbat approaches to reflect on what I experience and to share my impressions and thoughts about our Federation, our Jewish community and our Jewish world.

Often times, I receive feedback, luckily, almost always positive. It’s usually someone saying, “I really liked your message this week”.  In a week when I write about our work with seniors, I hear from those passionate about that issue. When I write about Day Schools, I hear from the strong Day School advocates. When I write about Israel, I hear from those passionate about the welfare and security of our Jewish homeland. When I write about recent events like the horrific terrorist action in France yesterday, I hear from those interested in international affairs and terrorism.

The great thing about our Federation is that we touch all these areas and even more. We work on our Jewish community’s relationship with the Black community, inclusion of those with disabilities, caring for Jews in poorer parts of the world and engaging community members in volunteerism and much, much more.  Federation impacts a panoply of important areas. At the same time, our community includes members who have specific passions. Federation stands at the intersection of those passions and all of those areas of service and impact.

In this week’s message, I mentioned many areas where Federation invests time, money and energy. I expect to hear from most of you!

Shabbat Shalom.

Stay Informed


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