Shared Society

Akko Center for Arts & Technology

Northern Israel Center for Arts and Technology

Beauty Education in Israel
A-CAT, the first center of its kind in Israel, offers courses and workshops in a range of art and technology subjects, in a unique educational setting. This program offers beauty courses to establish home-based small businesses for Arab and Jewish women including Nail Building and Makeup Courses. Learn More

Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand

Amplify the Impact of Hand In Hand’s Galilee School in the Misgav Region
Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel is a network of integrated, bilingual schools for Jewish and Arab children in Israel. This program supports the Hand in Hand Galilee School and its community of teachers, staff and parents in their efforts to amplify the vital principles of shared living in the Misgav region to deliver change beyond our schools by partnering with other like-minded educational and community organizations.  Learn More

Moona – A Space for Change


Regional Ecosystem in STEM: Advanced Manufacturing Pilot Program
Moona is a socio-technological initiative that creates an innovative space that brings together different sectors and ages and develops technological change leaders. Moona will plan and host a regional hackathon (R&D event) where industries ‘outsource’ manufacturing challenges for young teams to solve. In this hackathon, the direct interaction between industries and young minds creates new jobs and investments that brand the region as an attractive investment.  Learn More

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