Shir Ahava Bedui | Bedouin Love Song

Shir Ahava Bedui

Tzlilei chalil el hacholot shel hamidbar hayah shole’ach
litef hu et gufah harach vehasufah tarfah hakol
chadal lihyot kmo hacholot ani rotzeh otach kmo sel’a
az hivti’ach lo lindod shuv kmo hachol.

Ksheharuchot oto litfu be’oz achaz bemot ha’ohel
oznav atam hu lo lishmo’a lo linshom klal et hatzlil
atah navad lachash midbar atah nikvar be’ohel tzar
vehakvasim pa’u bawadi kmo chalil.

Ho ho ho ho ho kol kore lindod lindod
Ho ho ho ho ho kol kore lindod lindod

Uchshepartzu hashitfonot shachach et kol mah shehivti’ach
el hatzlilim shel hachalil hoshit yadaim basufah
bimchol teruf biknei hasuf nischaf shikor kmo chol baru’ach
gam has’laim parsu knafaim kmo anafah.

Uchshechazar shuv al suso leha’amik et mot ha’ohel
al hayeri’ot hi bechutim uvetz’vaim milim rakmah
baruch shuvcha boged echoz heitev bemot ha’ohel
ki gam oti sufah nodedet sachfah.

Bedouin Love Song

He used to play his flute to the desert sands
Caressing her soft body in a devouring storm
“Stop being like the sands, be more like the rocks”
Then he promised not to wander off alone

When the desert winds blew he held tight to the tent
Blocking his ears not to hear or breathe this sound
Wanderer, the desert said, “you’re spent in a narrow tent”.
And the sheep that cried in the valley were never found

Ho ho ho ho ho, a voice is calling me to get on the road
Ho ho ho ho ho, a voice is calling me to get on the road

And when the floods arrived he forgot his promise
He reached out his arms to touch the sound
Dancing madly among the reeds he was swept away
And the rocks spread their arms and left the ground

When he returned on his horse to strengthen the tent
She weaved colored threads into words on the wall
“Welcome betrayer, hold tight to the tent,
I have also been taken by the desert call”.

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