Statement from the Independent Distribution Committee for the Victims of Terror Fund

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh chartered an independent distribution committee, comprising some of the most respected civic leaders in Pittsburgh, to determine an equitable distribution of money donated to the Fund for Victims of Terror, with the highest level of oversight, and with the input of the congregations affected. They made the following statement on Jan. 30, 2019:

“As the outpouring of support continues in the aftermath of the tragedy on October 27th, the special independent committee is deliberating on guidelines and process for the disposition of funds received through the Jewish Federation. The committee is working toward completing its initial work by late February and plans to issue a statement at that time. The committee recognizes the interest in this process and will be transparent and forthcoming about its recommendations when this work is completed. Until then, the grieving in our community continues and we will provide more information when it is ready. Thank you for your interest and patience.”

Stay Informed


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