Young Leadership and the Future of Community

Wednesday was a great day.  It started with a meeting and ended with an event.

The morning meeting, a two hour gathering of a great group of committed lay leadership, engaged the group in serious discussion about our community and how to best address one of our communal priority areas in order to get the best ROI (Return on Investment).  The evening event at a private home brought together current, past and prospective members of the National Young Leadership Cabinet.  Both highlighted our Federation’s investment in young adults.

The recruitment event’s young adult focus is obvious.  The morning may be less apparent as it was not a discussion about young adults.  Rather, it included so many of our young adult leaders as well as products of our Young Adult programs.  Of the eight volunteers around the table, two are current members of the National Young Leadership Cabinet and four are alumni of the Wexner Heritage Program.  It was easy to see both the reason why all of these individuals were chosen for these exclusive leadership development programs and the impact those programs have had on their leadership skills.

This all comes full circle to the evening’s recruitment effort.  Ensuring a constant flow of well-trained and motivated younger volunteers will have enormous impact on our community.  It will result in having more talented leaders sitting around our tables making critical decisions now and into the future.

Hoping to see many of you next week when the University of Pittsburgh hosts “Global Venturing Israel: MedTech and Inclusive Innovation” Conference.  Our Federation has played in integral role in helping to plan and execute this important venture.  For more information, click here.

Wishing you a Shabbat Shalom.

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