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Bolstering Resilience in Displaced Israeli Children

About 200,000 Israelis, including tens of thousands of children, are currently displaced amid the ongoing war.

Dror Israel
Trained Educators
Support Evacuee Communities
Israeli Internal Refugees
As of March 2024
Allocated to Dror Israel for
Emotional First Aid
& Educational Programs for Children

As we continue to process the worst atrocities in modern Jewish history, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh continues to act fast in the aftermath. Through your support, organizations such as the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), World Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training (ORT) and more can provide critical resources to those impacted.

Community Resilience & Rebuilding Allocations

Imagine waking up to the destruction of the only home you've known and having to flee for safety. This is the reality many Israelis faced on October 7 and continue to live as internal refugees. Our partners on the ground, thanks to your support, had the means to act quickly and provide immediate aid. Now, in the months and years ahead, Jewish Federation support will help these displaced people return to their homes and rebuild their communities. Federation helps fund organizations like Dror Israel that provide resiliency programs for evacuated Israeli children.

"The most important thing is to give these kids a sense of normality and to present them with a figure that cares for them and is there for them."

The generosity of donors like you is an investment in rebuilding and strengthening Israeli society. Trauma-informed programs led by Benji Sharp, Director of Evacuee Program at Rishon LeTzion Educators Community, for instance, are bolstering societal resilience of an entire generation of Israelis. Learn more about the work of Dror Israel in this video.

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