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Jewish Federations’ Response in Israel: Yael Yoshei

"We are all experiencing immense fear and trauma. The children heard everything…the screaming..the shots."

invested in
medical equipment
medical and mental health professionals
received additional training
individuals treated through
mental health organizations

As we continue to process the worst atrocities in modern Jewish history, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh continues to act fast in the aftermath. Through your support, organizations such as the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), World Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training (ORT) and more can provide critical resources to those impacted.

Medical and Trauma Relief

With millions of Israelis suffering trauma from the Hamas attack, children with disabilities face some of the toughest challenges. Coping with trauma is hard on its own, but the extra challenges a disability can make this process tougher. Jewish Federations helped hospitals obtain medical equipment and maximize their capacity. Our proactive approach to mental health and trauma relief included supporting dedicated hotlines, additional training for thousands of caregivers and responders, and ongoing support to emergency teams. We provided direct care to more than a million people, including first responders, lone soldiers, families, and caregivers coping with the loss, injury, or abduction of their relatives and friends.

Learn how counselors like Yael gain the critical tools they need to help kids cope as they struggle to restore a sense of safety, thanks to your support for the Jewish Federation. Below is a story from Yael Yoshei, who has been helping children with disabilities cope with trauma from the war.

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