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Jewish Federations’ Response in Israel: Aryeh Meyers

Addressing the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of affected Israelis is crucial to their recovery.

Individuals Treated
in Healthcare Facilities
Hospitals & Mental
Health Centers
Receive Federation Funding
Allocated Towards
Medical & Trauma Relief

As we continue to process the worst atrocities in modern Jewish history, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh continues to act fast in the aftermath. Through your support, organizations such as the Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), World Organization for Rehabilitation Through Training (ORT) and more can provide critical resources to those impacted.

Providing Medical and Trauma Care

In the wake of October 7, emergency workers like Aryeh have faced unprecedented challenges. The relentless barrage of rocket strikes on both people and structures has stretched their resilience to the limit. Amidst this chaos, an influx of injured civilians and escalating medical demands has left many healthcare professionals grappling to deliver essential care.

However, your unwavering support has made a tangible difference. Thanks to your generosity, emergency responders like Aryeh have been able to acquire cutting-edge equipment and vital medications. These critical resources bolster Israel’s emergency response teams, enabling them to save lives and provide immediate assistance during these challenging times.

Jewish Federations help to supply hospitals with medical equipment to increase their capacity to treat a much wider scope of illness and injury. Hospitals and other organizations are better able to respond proactively to mental health and trauma relief with dedicated hotlines, training for caregivers and responders and ongoing support to emergency teams. Federation support also ensures direct care to individuals in need, including first responders, and caregivers coping with the loss, injury or abduction of their relatives. Hear from Aryeh how our combined support has helped emergency workers respond to the needs of the moment.

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