Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and Secure Community Network Applaud Arrest of Antisemitic Target Hardy Lloyd

Federation & SCN Have Tracked & Monitored Lloyd, Coordinating With Law Enforcement On Relevant Information Sharing

WARNING: Some of the following content could be distressing to read.

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh (Federation) and the Secure Community Network (SCN), the official safety and security organization of the Jewish community in North America, welcomed the announcement of the indictment and arrest of Hardy Lloyd by the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of West Virginia.

Hardy Lloyd was arrested early Monday morning on charges of making interstate threats, attempts to obstruct justice, and witness tampering.

In the past month alone, Lloyd has targeted multiple organizations and individuals, to include staff members of The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and SCN, as well as families and victims from the 2018 massacre. A sample of his comments include:

  • “walk down the streets of every city in the US and shoot every last jew they see,”
  • “All jews must be murdered. The jew race MUST be wiped out…So, target jews as BOWERS did…”
  • “make the myths of Hitler seem like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood…start kidnapping jews and torturing them to death.”
  • “Shed jew blood till none is left to spill!! Bowers showed us the way. Time to follow him.”

The Federation and SCN have been working closely with law enforcement officials regarding the activities of Hardy Lloyd, which are inclusive of making threats against specific members of the Jewish community. Lloyd is a convicted felon who was previously charged with murder, imprisoned for illegal firearms possession, has advocated white supremacist and neo-Nazi ideology, and has repeatedly called for attacks on the Jewish community and the killing of Jews. The Federation and SCN have worked closely to track, monitor, and coordinate with law enforcement on Lloyd’s activities. Lloyd had his parole revoked on two previous occasions for prohibited activities.

Most recently, Lloyd made direct threats against members of the Jewish community, to include representatives of the Federation and SCN.

The Federation and SCN express sincere appreciation and gratitude to local, state, and federal law enforcement, to include the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and Department of Justice (DOJ), specifically the U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of West Virginia and the U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Pennsylvania.

“We are made stronger when we work together on our collective security,” noted Jeff Finkelstein, President and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh. “Today’s outcome is the result of longstanding, close cooperation between law enforcement and our community over many years; the work of SCN and the Federation, and our work together, shows the strength of a coordinated, community-based approach. We appreciate the FBI’s ongoing commitment to our community, and the dedication shown each day by the members of law enforcement in their service to our country.”

Since his 2020 release from prison and a halfway house, the alleged offender was being closely monitored. While highly calculated and inspired by hatred, the activities contained within the affidavit represent the actions of a single individual; there is no known ongoing threat against the Jewish community related to the actions announced.

“The offender in this case targeted the Jewish community for years with hate, vitriol, and calls for violence. He is well known to the Jewish community. He is also well known to the security professionals at the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and SCN, and to the members of law enforcement. He can now become well known – once again – to those in our penal system.”

~ Michael Masters, SCN National Director and CEO

“Through our strong coordination, the Federation and SCN have worked to support law enforcement as they diligently undertook this sensitive investigation; we commend and thank the members of law enforcement for their ongoing and thorough work on behalf of the safety and security of the Jewish community. Religious freedom is a bedrock principle in our nation and we will not allow any individual to undermine it through threatening violence on a member of the Jewish community, or any faith-based community, without repercussion. The offender sought to terrorize the community. We now seek justice and accountability,” said Michael Masters, SCN National Director and CEO.

The coordination on efforts related to the offender are a part of a long history of collaboration between The Federation and SCN. During the trial of the offender responsible for the 2018 massacre, SCN established a first-of-its-kind remote Command Post within the Federation’s offices to support the Federation with ongoing intelligence and security resources to supplement the Federation’s Community Security Initiative, which oversees security and safety efforts for the Jewish community in Pittsburgh and is headed by former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Shawn Brokos.

“The Federation and SCN have a long history of collaborating together and coordinating seamlessly on behalf of the Jewish community, and in support of law enforcement,” noted Finkelstein and Masters. “The indictment today is a public example of the extensive and longstanding work that happens every day between trusted partners.”

SCN and the Federation encourage organizations and members within the Jewish community to remain situationally aware, report suspicious activity, and to work to proactively implement policies, procedures, and plans to ensure the safety and security of our community and its institutions.

Stay Informed


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