Jewish Federation Receives Security Grant from The Tepper Foundation and Jewish Federations of North America to Safeguard Children and Promote Interfaith Bridge-

Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh is thrilled to announce a $250,000 early childhood security grant from The Tepper Foundation through Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), helping to protect one of our most vulnerable populations during a time when antisemitism is spreading across the nation.

Funders intend for grant to help in hiring security personnel to protect pre-schools, day camps and after-school programs, as well as supporting other faith communities’ security needs.

“There is absolutely nothing more important than our security, and this grant means the world for us because we depend on grants like these for everyone’s security,” said Norm Childs, chair of the Jewish Federation’s Security Committee. “We thank the Tepper Foundation for this important grant.”

The Tepper Foundation has been a major partner with JFNA in response to the growing number of antisemitic incidents in the United States since the Oct. 7, 2023 Hamas terror attacks on Israel. The organization launched the Security Fund in November 2023 and has now made grants of more than $12 million across the nation to support the security needs of the American Jewish community.

“Right now, nothing is more important than protecting our children and giving them a safe environment where they can learn, grow, and thrive as people,” said JFNA Chair Julie Platt. “We’re thrilled that the Tepper Foundation continues on this journey with us during such difficult times.”

The Tepper Foundation’s current round of grants totaled $9 million and was awarded to 76 local Federations across 30 states with a requirement that they be a recipient of Jewish Federations’ LiveSecure funding.

Building on the success of Jewish Federations’ LiveSecure initiative—the largest philanthropic effort to support Jewish security in North American history—Jewish Federations have become The Tepper Foundation’s partner in continuing to ensure the safety of Jewish communities nationwide.

LiveSecure participating Federations, all of which have established comprehensive security plans under the auspices of Jewish Federations of North America, have committed to building and strengthening relationships with other religious leaders and faith-based institutions in their communities by sharing their security expertise. This is a new aspect of The Tepper Foundation’s commitment to security, aimed at improving interfaith relations as well as enhancing safety for all populations confronting hatred.

“Without basic security for our children, the Jewish community cannot flourish,” said Shira Hutt, Executive Vice President of JFNA. “We are proud of the immense progress we have made on securing our community through LiveSecure, but the unprecedented spike in antisemitism that our community has experienced since October 7 has created the need for both additional security resources and renewed outreach to our interfaith partners.”

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, one of 146 independent Federations associated with The Jewish Federations of North America, cultivates resources, connects people and collaborates locally, in Israel and around the world to live and fulfill Jewish values. The Jewish Federation works toward the vision of a flourishing Jewish community where everyone feels included, supported and inspired. For more information, visit our homepage.

The Tepper Foundation is a family foundation that supports effective organizations in New Jersey and across the U.S. Through grantee partnerships, the foundation works to meet people’s basic needs like food and housing; provide relief in the face of disasters; support the Jewish community; safeguard rights; and strengthen the nonprofit sector. Founded in 1996 by David Tepper, the foundation has supported grantees with hundreds of millions of dollars in direct support since its inception and continues to expand its giving. More at

Jewish Federations of North America are the backbone of the organized Jewish community in the US and Canada, representing over 350 Jewish communities. They raise and distribute more than $2 billion annually and through planned giving and endowment programs to build flourishing Jewish communities at home, in Israel, and around the world.

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