Federation Partner LIFE & LEGACY Given Four-Year Extension

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh’s partner, the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF), announced that their national, four-year program LIFE & LEGACY will receive another four-year extension called LIFE & LEGACY PLUS.

“By working with the Grinspoon LIFE & LEGACY program to secure planned giving commitments, the Jewish Federation has helped our synagogues and Jewish agencies continue to meet needs, many of which we can’t even anticipate today, for future generations.”

Jeffrey Finkelstein, president and CEO of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh

The decision was made after Rossoff, a consulting firm based in California, evaluated LIFE & LEGACY’s status. After interviewing organizations that finished the four-year program, Rossoff recommended that an extension be given.

Through LIFE & LEGACY, donors have been able to ensure support for the next generation of their Jewish communities and organizations through legacy gifts and endowments. The donations are made after the donor has passed away through either their will or insurance policy. LIFE & LEGACY also offers incentive grants when legacy-giving “benchmarks” are reached.

HGF is working to approve plans and release funding to make LIFE & LEGACY PLUS the next generation of the program. Over the four-year extension, HGF will make a 2-1 match for funds raised per community: up to $50,000 the first year, $45,000 the second, $40,000 the third and $35,000 the fourth. The matches will come from LIFE & LEGACY partner Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

LIFE & LEGACY currently operates in 73 communities across North America. There are 19 participating organizations in Pittsburgh.

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