Building a Safer, More Inclusive World

We lead and support efforts that support a more just, secure and inclusive society, where we accept everyone regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs or identity.

Mitzvah Day 2018 Caitlin's Smiles

Creating Safe Spaces for Children and Teens

At the heart of the Pittsburgh Jewish community, the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh is helping to create safe and protected spaces for children and teens.

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||Chet Stofman in Equestrian Therapy|

COVID-19 Relief Stories: Chet Stofman & Carol Tabas

Carol Tabas, the mother of a nonverbal man with cerebral palsy, tapped her Jewish Residential Services network to find disabilities-specific COVID information and solace — thanks to donors to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh.

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COVID-19 Relief Stories: Ethiopian Olim

Jewish Federation played an integral role in bringing 280 more Ethiopian Jews home to Israel.

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||||Barbara and Kevin Ginsburg

COVID-19 Relief Stories: Kevin & Barbara Ginsburg

The Jewish Federation improved the well-being of Kevin, a mostly nonverbal man with intellectual disabilities in group care.

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Communities of Mutual Support

While our relationship with the local Black community has been strong for many years, it became even stronger after the shooting at the Tree of Life building on Oct. 27, 2018.

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